2016 Sports Day

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May is when we celebrate sports day as part of Education Week, and this year all the students and teachers had another fun day.  The school is split into four houses Рgreen, red, blue and purple Рwho work together to compete against the other houses. Each house is named after a person who has played an important role in the schools development.

First up is the banner and cheer leading competition:

Wilson's House Banner

Wilson’s House Banner


Wilson’s House – the Blue House – is named after Francis and Vernon Wilson, the founders of Holy Cross school.

Cheerleaders for Wilson's House


The big finale

The big finale

Next up is William’s House – The Red House – named after Mrs Grace Williams, former Principal of Holy Cross School.

William's House (1) William's House (2)

Then came Ostenso’s House – the Purple House – named after Mr Brian Ostenso, the Chairman of the Holy Cross Education Foundation Board.

Ostenso's House (1) Ostenso's House (3)

Then finally the reigning champions from Babb’s House – Green House – named after Mrs Carol Babb, former General Manager of the Anglican Schools of Belize.

Babb's House (1) Babb's House (2) Babb's House (3)

Then came the events, and I apologize that there are only a few photos here, but at least they give a taste of the action and fun.

Lime and Spoon Race

Lime and Spoon Race  Рmore tropical and less messy than the Egg and Spoon race.

Wheelbarrow Race

Wheelbarrow Race

And finally, the tug of war, which actually took place a few days earlier as part of the lead up, along with other fun races including the slow bike race (how slow can you ride a bike… last person over the finish line wins!)

Tug of War

But who won? Green House took top honors for the third year running. Thank you to all who participated.