2020 Preschool Graduation

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On June 24, we proudly watched our youngest students graduate from preschool. This was a very important occasion for our families, with each student dressing up in cap, gown and optional face mask. Each student then marched to pomp and circumstance to receive their certificate, and also received a small graduation gift.

Vice Principal Liz James addressed the group as follows: Parents. Students. Teachers.

I would like to welcome you to our 2020 Moving on Ceremony. It gives me great pleasure to learn that most of our preschoolers will be returning to us in the new school year as Infant I students. Thank you for believing in us and entrusting the next 8 years of your child’s education to our cadre of dedicated teachers.

This school year has not been without its challenges. With the arrival of a global pandemic, we were forced to close schools. Teaching and learning took on a whole new meaning for our preschoolers.

Prior to the pandemic, our students through the guidance of Ms. Moralez, our preschool teacher and Mrs. Jackie, her assistant, were able to showcase the many cultures of Belize and build confidence in public speech through poetry, singing and dramatization; skills which are needed in their early years and are geared toward their future development.

The month of March saw their participation in the annual parade. Celebrated under the theme “Hug me, listen to me, read with me, help me grow.” With the collaboration of parents and teachers, they were able to participate in sporting activities which taught them to be team players.

Preschoolers, congratulations on your first milestone! I look forward to August 10, when you will be joining us. I am anticipating your arrival with much excitement and seeing happy, lively, energetic children walking our hallways once more.

To our principal Ms. Tasher: Thank you for your support throughout this school year.

Ms. Moralez and Ms. Jackie: thank you for your dedication in molding our preschoolers and developing their independence.

To the staff of Holy Cross School: keep up the good work. Your dedication to the students will forever be appreciated.