2014 Festival of Arts

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Group Photo WebEach year a Festival of Arts is hosted in San Pedro and Holy Cross has a reputation of performing well. This year was no exception. We only did one performance, but what a good one!  Not only were Holy Cross the crowd favorites, our dance won GOLD.

The girls just looked so confident as they took to the stage. As a school we are very proud of taking these stunts from children to young adults. We’ll sure miss them as they graduate to high school.

The dance was coached by Kim Bartling, who has now been coaching dance at our school for 3 years. Rehearsals started in January.   The dancers are Melissa, Yesenia, Evelyn, Ariani, Ameli, Ashanti, Stephani and Estephanie, with Marisol as the team mascot.

Enjoy the video below.