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A few words from our volunteers

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We asked some of our most faithful volunteers to share their thoughts about Holy Cross – what makes us special and why they continue to come back year after year to continue to help.

Liz Stroff, Christ Episcopal Church, Raleigh, North Carolina

Christ Episcopal Church

“Holy Cross is a place where you experience God’s love in action.  With each child, teacher, parent, and volunteer you can witness what love in the flesh looks like, and live into with every day you are there.  The children’s joy and energy sustain the enthusiasm and creativity from volunteers and teachers alike.  This school was created and continued by love, and God’s love spreads to ALL who enter its doors. Whether you are coming by to work on a building project, enjoying years of education, or educating, you are impacted and influenced by this place and its message.  After each return trip we have students and leaders who never stop talking about their experience with Holy Cross.  The people leave a mark on your heart and you gain a better understanding of how we are all neighbors in this life, no matter the physical distance.”

– Liz Stroff  Director of Youth Ministry, Christ Episcopal Church   Raleigh, NC

Albritton Family, All Saints Episcopal Church, Fort Worth, TX


“Over seven years and eight visits, the Albrittons have seen first hand the difference Holy Cross is making in the lives of children and families.  The school has grown and thrived, the children are healthy and happy and curious. How can we not support the school with our time, talent and treasure?  The funny thing is our gifts seem to boomerang:  the more we support the school, the more joy we experience.  Come!  Join us in the dance!”   – Matt, Caleb, Ben, Karen & Mike Albritton All Saints, Ft. Worth, TX

“Our visits to Holy Cross have been eye-opening, perspective-changing experiences that positively affected my development as a young Christian, strengthening my relationship to God and giving me a broader awareness of the blessings I have.” – Matt Albritton, 16

“My visits to Belize have provided me an opportunity to allow profound changes in my world views, to realize the importance of connections to others and my place in the world as a servant. As I served those who could benefit from my actions, I watched as the separation between humanity fell.” – Caleb Albritton, 18

Adam Estrem, St Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Edina, MN


“As Christians we are called to serve and love others, to love our neighbors as ourselves, Holy Cross gave our youth group that chance, to love and serve those most in need. But the funny thing is, when we walked away from a hard and hot week’s worth of work, somehow, we felt like we were the ones who were loved and served. “How can this be” you might ask? Holy Cross is a place of love, learning and acceptance, and the children and staff share this love more freely than any other place I have been. While we may have helped Holy Cross for a week, Holy Cross was the one who changed us. And for that I am eternally grateful.”

– Adam Estrem, Minister of Youth, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Edina, MN