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Arts from Trash Winner

By June 14, 2021 July 4th, 2021 No Comments

Reef week is celebrated every year as it aims to raise awareness of the pivotal role the Belize Barrier Reef plays in Belizean lives and livelihood. Even though the pandemic changed how it is usually celebrated, this year’s events ranged from beach clean ups to social media campaigns.

This year a Holy Cross student who is currently in one of the grade four classes, Demroy Welch, participated in the “Arts from trash virtual competition’ and took the first place. This activity was hosted by the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in which students created an original piece of artwork using trash materials only. They were also required to create a short video in which they explained how trash impact our lives in Belize and displayed their art piece while showing the materials they used.

Demroy decided to make a sea turtle since it is one of the marine lives that are affected by gillnets and also frequently consumes the garbage that floats around in our waters. He constructed his turtle with trash materials he found like a straw, balloon, net and a disposable cake container. The main message on his entry video was the impact trash has on the marine life. We are very proud of his achievement and the message he shared in his entry video that aimed to create awareness for the protection for the life found in our beautiful waters.