Child Stimulation Month

By May 12, 2022 No Comments

Child stimulation month is celebrated every year in the month of March. This event has been celebrated by Belizean educators since 1984! Serving as a reminder to parents of how important early childhood education and development are. 

Holy Cross Preschool joined this year’s countrywide celebration under the theme “ We are strong, learning, and growing.”

The month was packed with stimulating activities that focused on basic health, nutrition, and education, creating quality parent-child and caregiver-child interactions. 

This year, instead of kicking off the month with a parade, the students took part in a nationwide tree planting activity. The students participated in activities like sports day and book day. They also got to dress up as their favorite community workers and were visited by nurses, firemen, dentists, and even police officers who taught them about their professions.