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Computer Lab makes a difference

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From its earliest days, our founders had a vision for a computer lab, as part of their aim to provide a high quality education that prepared student’s for the challenges of the 21st century. This lab became a reality in 2008, thanks to MANY mission teams who came to help build and an anonymous donor who offered his top tech guy to design the layout and electrical requirements, as well as donating 32 brand new computers, a server and a high volume/low cost printer copier. Truly an answer to prayer!  When the computer lab opened it was the most advanced computer lab in any school in the entire country of Belize.

The computer lab is central to the life of the school. In this lab:

  • Students from Standard 1 to  6 (Grades 3 – 8) learn :
    • Microsoft Office (Excel, Publisher, Word, PowerPoint)
    • To search for information on the web
    • to use email
  • Teachers use the lab to
    • supplement other learning with movies, videos and online learning tools
    • use the internet’s many resources for planning and research
    • hold staff meetings
    • for staff straining

What an incredible asset!

In 2016 the reach of the computer lab extended further when with the help of donors we received a class set of Chromebooks and upgraded the school’s internet to 4G.  Now teachers and students can view PowerPoint presentations, watch videos, complete online worksheets and do internet research in their own classes. Wow!

I went to find some of our graduate students to  talk about the way the computer lab had impacted their lives.

Helen, still in High School said “It was easy to see that the Holy Cross students were much better at computers than the students from other schools. This helped us to get better grades.”

Johnny, who was one of the students who started at Holy Cross the first day we opened, discovered a love of technology through computers.  He agreed with Helen that at High School the Holy Cross students had a clear advantage and ability over other students, but went on to add “Not only did my computer skills help me to get jobs after high school, but they also taught me better English, which was also important for getting work.”  Johnny has worked to manage inventory and orders at two major island stores, and worked at Holy Cross for 3 months as a substitute computer lab teacher.

And in the words of Vernon Wilson, co-founder of Holy Cross and designer of the computer lab “We have graduates who are studying to be doctors who started life living in a shack over the swamp without any water or electricity … Without any hope of a future.. Now because of our supporters and volunteers they will be changing the world around them just as Holy Cross has changed the world around each and everyone who has offered to help us serve these disadvantaged children of Belize.”

Can you help?

You too can become a part of this success story. We need your help to:

  • Bring parts – we often need small replacement parts that can be ordered online and brought. Please contact us and tell us you’re willing to buy parts. We always need DDR2 2gig desktop memory cards.
  • Bring toner – we use a lot of toner. We have scoured the internet for the best deals and found these (contact us to find out which is urgent)
  • Offer skills – if you can pull apart and diagnose a computer, or know how to service a printer then we need your help!  Please consider donating a day or morning of your holiday to help us out.