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Destiny has Passed

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Destiny (8)

For many who visited Holy Cross School, Destiny was an unforgettable part of their visit.  You could not spend more than a few moments with her without realizing that she was terribly sick, terribly broken, and terribly precious and intelligent all at the same time.   She made you think – about life, about poverty and about blessings.

Here, very briefly, is Destiny’s life in the few photos I have. If you have other good photo’s, please compress to about 500kb and email to

In the beautiful words of John McHenry

Destiny runs like the wild wind
Destiny circles the sun
A brilliant moon shines bright

A little girl in sight
Destiny is a flame in the night

Fading hope it was my destiny
Sinking with each grain of sand
The water’s rising higher
I’m wading in the mire
Destiny is aware of the time

Hold on Destiny
Grow strong Destiny
Shine bright till the fear is burned
Until the lesson’s learned
When will the tide be turned? Oh Destiny.

Destiny is at the tipping point
Destiny is on the the edge
The ice is growing thin
The ocean’s creeping in
Destiny….do you think….she will win?

Hold on Destiny
Grow strong Destiny
How long will this trial go on
When will the race be won?
Feels like the jury’s hung…..oh Destiny…

Who will help you Destiny???

Early Years

Young Destiny (3) Young Destiny (2)


Destiny (10) Destiny (11) Destiny (7) Destiny (4) Destiny (3) Destiny (2) Destiny (1)


Funeral (1) Funeral (2) Funeral (10) Funeral (9)