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Field trip to Weather Bureau

By May 23, 2017 No Comments


Our Standard 3 (5th grade) students enjoyed a fun day out to the mainland to visit the Belize Weather Bureau as part of their studies on weather. They had a wonderful time at the weather bureau, looking at the various pieces of equipment, and also enjoyed a bus tour of the city, visiting many historic buildings and landmarks.

A field trip is not a usual part of the curriculum, but teachers Lisa William and Cesar Nicholson felt that it would be a good experience for the students in many ways- and it was! For about one third of the students it was the first time they had been off the island, so even just riding on the boat to the mainland and touring on the old school bus were new experiences.

The Weather Bureau is located at Philip Goldson International Airport, so the students enjoyed seeing the airplanes and helicopters on their way. At the Bureau they enjoyed a guided tour and the chance to see the many instruments used to gather data for the weather forecasts.

After the Weather Bureau they took a tour of the city, seeing historic buildings and notable buildings including the court house, St John’s Anglican Cathedral and, on a more personal note, the home of Mrs Grace, the original principal of Holy Cross. They also visited Bliss Park, where Belize’s greatest benefactor Baron Bliss is buried.

Thank you teachers for organizing this fun day out!