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First Day Back

By September 5, 2016 No Comments

Without a doubt the first day that students are back at school after the summer is one of my favorite days of the year. The school stops being empty and quiet and is instead full of life, learning and energy.

Join me on my walk around the school this morning.

First Day (1)

Parents and students begin to gather for the new school year.

First Day (2)

When I return mid morning, I find Standard 1 already hard at work in their beautifully decorated classroom.

First Day (4)

Standard 2 were also hard at work. Along with other teachers, Mr Aaron has been upgrading his teaching qualifications. He will spend three months classroom teaching before returning to his usual post in the computer lab.

First Day (6)

More standard 2 students waving a cheerful good morning.

First Day (9)

Standard 5 were voting for class President and Vice President. Nice to see many hands going up.

First Day (8)

Standard 4 were busy taking notes.

First Day (10)

For the first time we have two classes at the standard 6 level, allowing for a much better teacher to student ratio. These students were enjoying an informalĀ  group discussion.

First Day (11)

The infant division students were already in the cafeteria, enjoying their spaghetti for lunch. For a simple meal, the cooks sure do prepare it well and it smells great.


First Day (12)

I stopped by the Office to say hello, but not surprisingly they were very busy on this first day of school.

First Day (13)

The sewing center was also busy, making uniforms for students.