Fun at the Valentines Day Fair

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Each year Holy Cross celebrates Valentine’s Day with a fair to raise money for our school feeding program. The students come in casual clothes and have a fun day playing games, chatting with friends and eating tasty food.

These two girls looked stunning in their red dresses.

Our students dressing up with style.

Games and prizes

Our staff put in a big effort this year to come up with new games for the students to play. We’d also like to thank the visitors who brought items we could use as prizes.

The soccer game is a favorite with the boys. Score three goals in six turns to win a prize.

A new game this year was the coin toss. Your coin must hit and stay in the green lid to win a prize.

Pay a dollar for 8 chances to win. If a number comes up on your piece of paper, you win the corresponding prize.

Buy a lollipop. If the stick is marked you also win a prize.

Balloon pop game.

This student won many prizes.


After the games the students enjoyed dancing in the cafeteria and playing in the playground.

These cakes were donated by parents of the school.