Graduate Reunion

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This year Holy Cross marks it’s 10th anniversary and celebrated by inviting all past graduates back to the school for a reunion. Despite bad weather a crowd gathered, and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces in one room.

The school founders, Francis and Vernon Wilson, were there along with a representative from the Holy Cross Education Foundation. Among the students we had recent graduates who were still studying at High School, others who were out working, others starting higher education and a few mothers too. Many were eager to talk about what they were doing, and a few stories are shared below.

We are proud of all of our graduates, and hope that one day they will return to Holy Cross as teachers and staff.

Here is a brief introduction to a few graduates:


Erika and Diana both graduated four years ago and have now finished High School. Diana (Right) will study to be a teacher. I hope she comes to Holy Cross!


Jana (center) loves kids and wants to do what she can to help. She is considering social work after seeing those growing up in tough circumstances. I believe she can make a powerful difference on this island.


The Cornejo family are known to many. Lionel (left) is working to be a tour guide, while his younger siblings Brittney and Michael are still studying.


Johnny was one of the original students who came to Holy Cross on our very first day. Fast forward 10 years and he’s now working in tourism, and dresses like a true professional. We’re proud to call him one of our own.


From right to left these lads are Ronald, Lester and Jose. Ronald is hoping to become a mechanic servicing the cruise ships that visit every week. Lester is aiming for the skies as a pilot. Jose is also planning a future as a mechanic.

Estrella is perhaps our best known graduate. She has worked at Holy Cross for X years as our librarian and office helper, but she also helps very ably at a wide variety of tasks.

Another well known graduate is Dora who recently joined the staff of Holy Cross as the Volunteer Coordinator. She is also studying towards a career in tourism.