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Harvest Fair

By November 10, 2017 September 11th, 2019 No Comments

Today we continued our harvest celebrations with a Harvest Fair. The students were very excited to take a break from learning and enjoy a fun morning of fun games, tasty food and free play.

Without a doubt, the games were the highlight of the day. Queues were long as students waited for a chance to play and win a prize. Mrs Zulma’s soccer game was a favorite with the boys, as they had three chances to score a goal to win prizes.

Other popular games included guessing which rubber ducks had lucky prizes, as well as drawing lucky numbers from a box.

A new game this year was the apple bobbing. It didn’t take long for the students to figure out how to grab the apples and enjoy a tasty treat.

Speaking of tasty treats, there was plenty of good food to be had. The cheese dip and soda was a favorite treat. As of course were the cakes, muffins and garnaches. The students also loved the locally made fresh ceviche.

Thank you all for making our Harvest Fair a fun success.