Lester’s Story

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Lester was one of our first students at Holy Cross Anglican School (HCAS). His grandmother came to the temporary office across the road before we even had the first classroom built and through an interpreter asked if we would take him as a student in the Infant I class. The Roman Catholic school would not admit him because he didn’t have the appropriate papers. School founders, Francis and Vernon Wilson, believed that Holy Cross was being built specifically to address the educational needs of children like Lester.

Truth is…it took until 2016 before he was finally able to get his papers. Originally from Guatemala, Lester was adopted by his grandparents in San Pedro after he started at Holy Cross. If not for HCAS Lester would not have been able to go to any school let alone be an honor graduate of San Pedro High School (SPHS), a national softball champion and be enrolled in college.
It was because of a HCAS volunteer who was teaching softball one summer to the students that Lester got involved and went on to be one of the top players in Belize and team captain at SPHS.
The Wilsons, seeing Lester’s great potential, personally provided a scholarship to high school. They traveled from their current home in Panama to be in the audience when he graduated in June. Francis shares, “Lester stopped by our hotel to say good bye and to give us a present. He asked that we wait until we got home to open it which we did. Well, that young man gave us all the awards and metals he earned in high school, his softball jersey neatly folded, his student ID card, his honor roll sash and tassel from graduation. I haven’t had a dry eye since opening that package. He basically gave us his cherished memories! Just unbelievable!!!!”
Lester’s goal is to be an electrical engineer and to help other children get an education like he was able to do at HCAS and SPHS. He is currently enrolled at the University of Belize.
Thank you to all the volunteers who have given of themselves to our students! It’s impossible to know how many lives have been positively affected just as Lester’s has been.