Letter from Principal Griffith

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copy-Website-Header.jpgDear Readers

Holy Cross Anglican School of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye exists today out of seeing the needs of hundreds of un-enrolled children roaming the streets of San Pedro.

Having served in many grant-aided schools throughout the country of Belize and gotten to see the extent to which these schools are helped or provided for the with the day to day resources by teachers I have in this short time truly grown to appreciate the Holy Cross Education Foundation through which hundreds of volunteers, donors and workers contribute to the growth of this institution. They have made it so much easier for the teachers and administration to to provide the resources students need from day to day to make the school more productive.

Our students literally come from the poorest part of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye and from parents who are the hard working labor force of the community on a seasonal basis.

This foundation has made a marked difference in the lives of many, where literally nothing existed for them. The students of Holy Cross are benefiting from the foresight and generosity of every donor who have contributed in faith that the students who received these resources will be successful. After 10 years, these graduates are now equipping themselves with the skills and knowledge that will bring them into the full working force of this community as computer technicians, teachers, hotel, restaurant and office managers, graduating at the top of their class with honors and having high self esteem and self worth in contributing positively to this community. What the Foundation has done is that is has cleared most of the obstacles that students face from day to day to make it easier for them to succeed.

Holy Cross Anglican School is a success story we must continue to build on to meet the needs of children no matter from where they came.

Submitted by

Rodney Griffith
Holy Cross Anglican School
San Pedro Town