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Literacy Program graduates 5

By May 22, 2018 July 11th, 2018 No Comments

Our literacy program was proud to graduate 5 students in May this year. These students have worked hard to achieve all 4 levels and now return full time to their mainstream classes.

The graduation was a short and fun ceremony, with all literacy program students invited to celebrate the success of the graduates.

The guest speaker and tour guide Michel Howe gave an encouraging speech to the students, emphasizing the importance of reading in everyday life. He shared how he had slipped through the gaps at school and at 14 still couldn’t read. This changed when he came to Holy Cross and, through the help of visiting volunteers, finally learned to read. He graduated primary school that year, went on to high school and is now doing a well paid job he loves. He couldn’t have done any of that without being able to read.

Graduates then received their certificates and a $25 gift certificate. All literacy students then celebrated with a scoop of paradise ice-cream.

You can help improve literacy

You can help our students:

  • Bring supplies (hands on alphabets, flash cards, spelling games, small prizes as incentives)
  • Volunteer to read with students, or to listen to students read to you
  • Volunteer in the literacy program

Contact us at to find out more.