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March in Photos

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This post continues my series on the day to day activities at Holy Cross. It follows entries documenting January and February. Once again I’m impressed by the hard work and dedication of the teachers and staff at Holy Cross, and grateful to the many volunteers and supporters who have helped to make this possible.

March 1 was Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Rev Linda Moguel of the Anglican Diocese of Belize came to administer the Ashes

March is a fun month for our preschool, with many different and exciting learning opportunities for them to take part in.

Opening Parade with all the preschools. Each preschool paraded with a theme – ours was shapes and colors.

Culture Day! Each student could dress up as any of the cultures that make up Belize. Here we have Creole (light pink dress), Chinese (bright pink dress), Garifuna (black and yellow), Mestizo and Mayan (embroidered) and Mennonite (dungarees and shirt).

A dentist came to visit examine the students and and teach the children about dental care.

There was also a sports day and a movie.  But the highlight was visiting Belize City with many other preschools to take part in a preschool expo and play with all types of learning toys.

On the project front, a big and long anticipated project was to replace the floor of our open walled multi purpose area called the Palapa. A huge thank you goes to First Presbyterian Church in Michigan who did a lot of hard work preparing and pouring the foundations.

Mr Freddy prepared the rebar, then a team of locals poured the concrete. A concrete pour in Belize is a fun thing to watch as a skilled team work with perfect timing to fill and empty a concrete mixer in under a minute. Then do it again, again and again in the hot sun.

The finished floor looks great, just waiting to dry fully for the students to use it.

Business students from MNSU make their annual study abroad trip to Belize, which includes an afternoon at Holy Cross teaching students about logo design and marketing. Thank you!

But despite the distractions, March was mostly about learning, learning and learning, as just a few classroom photos show.

After school the students pile out the classroom to walk or ride home, play marbles and enjoy snacks from the local vendors.  The boys take their marbles seriously, and one boy below won a dozen marbles off the others in short order.  The unripe plums covered in salt from the vendor below are surprisingly tasty.