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Mayan Fieldtrip

By December 14, 2017 No Comments

Our Standard 3 and Standard 6 students had a wonderful fieldtrip to Belize City and the Mayan Ruins at Altun Ha. They thoroughly enjoyed the chance to get off the island to see more of their country and their history.

Sites visited included Old Belize, which is a cultural center, as well as landmarks like the Belize sign. But the highlight was Altun Ha, a beautiful Mayan ruin.

For Standard 3, the trip was part of their tourism unit. They followed up on their fieldtrip by making tourist brochures of the site. Ernesto’s brochure stood out from the rest as it was super-sized. He recommends visiting the Rock Stone Pond if you’re ever at Altun Ha.

Standard 6 were studying the different phases of the Mayan civilization, so created brochures showing their understanding of those phases. Altun Ha falls into the Classical phase, when the Maya were thriving and building temples.