Meet our 5 new teachers

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This year we have 5 new teachers at Holy Cross. With over 60 years of teaching experience between them, we’re excited to have these new staff members on board.

Let us introduce them to you.

Ms. Maribel Chan is teaching Infant 1

Ms. Maribel Chan has 30 years of teaching experience, teaching children from preschool through to high school, at many different schools on the mainland, most recently at St Peter’s Anglican School.  2019 is her first year at Holy Cross.
Originally from Orange Walk, Ms. Maribel chose teaching as she loves children of all ages and is passionate about preparing children for real life. She enjoys using her drawing and craft skills and finds it a joy to see the students learn and build on their previous knowledge.
Ms. Maribel holds a level 2 Certificate in Teaching.

Ms. Shontina Jones is teaching Standard 2

Ms. Shontina is starting her first year teaching at Holy Cross, after hearing good things about the school from another teacher. She loves everything about teaching, especially seeing students’ excitement when they breakthrough and understand a new idea. She hopes to be an inspiration to her students and encourage them to never give up.
Ms. Shontina first began teaching part-time after high school, but took a break for a few years when the government changed the qualification requirements. She later rediscovered her love of teaching and jumped at the opportunity to return to the profession. She is now working full time at Holy Cross while completing the final stages of her Associates in Primary Education.

Ms. Shajira Esquiliano is also teaching in Standard 2

Originally from Orange Walk, Ms. Shajira is in her first year of teaching. She is finishing the final stage of her Associates in Primary Education and enjoys teaching. She chose teaching as she loves children and believes that as a teacher you have the opportunity to make a real difference one child at a time. She is the sister of Mr. Ayoni Esquiliano, who has taught at Holy Cross for many years.
Before becoming a teacher, Ms. Shajira studied accounting and worked three years as the manager of a small business. Now, as a teacher, she loves the opportunity to experience the world in a different way through her students.

Ms. Navid Castellanos is teaching Standard 4

Ms. Navid is from Orange Walk Town. She is her first year of teaching, after working a variety of other jobs, and is with us for a few months covering long service leave. She has always wanted to teach and loves interacting with the students.
Ms. Navid holds an Associate’s Degree in Biology and holds a provisional teaching license (a program that allows suitably qualified individuals to teach for a limited number of years while working towards their teaching qualification).

Ms. Carol Virez is teaching in Standard 6

Originally from Punta Gorda, Ms. Carol has been teaching for 29 years. Both of her parents were teachers, so it was a natural choice for her. She loves teaching, especially seeing the students making discoveries for themselves.
Ms. Carol has taught at all levels, including High School, where she taught English. She has also taught for many years in the middle division of Primary School. She has a love for language and speaks 5 of the languages of Belize – Mopan Maya, Spanish, English, Creole and Garifuna.
Ms. Carol holds a Certificate in Primary Education and an Associate’s Degree in English.

Sadly, welcoming new faces means that other teachers have left. Although we will miss their experience we also know that this means they are much closer to their children and extended family. We wish you all the best!

From left to right the teachers who have left are:

  • Ms Alvina Avilez, who taught at Holy Cross for 3 years.
  • Ms Tanya Dominguez, who was with us for 5 years.
  • Ms Jamira Tillett, who taught 11 years at Holy Cross, from Preschool to Standard 6.
  • Ms. Clotilde Sosa, who taught with us for 3 years.