Meet our Middle Division Teachers

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You’ve heard many stories about our students, but have you met our teachers? These incredible and hard working individuals do the hard work of instilling knowledge and enthusiasm and a love of learning into the 450 or so children at our school.

These are our Middle Division Teachers, who teach the middle three years of primary school. You can meet our Preschool and Infant teachers here and our Upper Division teachers here.

Standard 1

Ms. Diane Martinez

Ms. Diane is a hard working and dedicated teacher, always willing to walk an extra mile for the students in her class. She loves teaching Language Arts, especially phonics and reading. She writes her own fun stories for the students to read that emphasize the phonics skills they are learning in class.

Ms. Diane Martinez is originally from Orange Walk and is one of three teachers who have taught at Holy Cross since we first opened in 2006. She holds a Certificate in Primary Education from the University of Belize and an Associates Degree in General Science.

Ms. Jamira Tillett

Holy Cross was Ms. Jamira’s first teaching job, and in her 11 years here she has taught at every level from preschool to standard 6.  She loves to see children master the basic skills of reading and writing and seeing her hard work. It gives her great satisfaction to see her students move from level to level. When she taught standard 6, she really enjoyed being able to work with the same students she had taught years before.  Now she enjoys seeing her former students doing well in life. “Teaching takes a long time, but it does pay off.”

Ms. Jamira holds a Bachelors’ in Education.

Ms. Isela Jones

Isela Jones is a Standard 1 teacher at Holy Cross School in Belize

Ms. Isela Jones is originally from Orange Walk and has been teaching on and off for about 5 years. She holds a Certificate in Primary Education and has taught at Holy Cross for 2 years.

Ms. Isela is enjoys motivating students to do their best and loves teaching as it is a chance to express her creativity. One of her favorite parts of teaching is making the many colorful charts that decorate her walls.

Standard 2

Ms. Shaunne Elliott

Ms. Shaunne is originally from Orange Walk. She holds an Associates Degree in Primary Education and is in her first year teaching. She chose to become a teacher as she loves children. Ms. Shaunne loves seeing how children react when they understand something new, and seeing the excitement in her students’ faces when get the correct answers.

Ms. Shajaira Cob

Originally from Belmopan, Ms. Shajaira is in her first year teaching and has worked at Holy Cross for just a few months. She chose teaching as she loves helping children. She loves teaching in the lower grades as she firmly believes that if you want to change the world you need you start by supporting children when they’re still very young.

Ms. Shajaira holds an Associates Degree in English and in the final stages of completing an Associates Degree in Primary Education.

Standard 3

Ms. Kimberly Lopez

Ms. Kimberly Lopez is another first year teacher at Holy Cross. Originally from Orange Walk, she holds an Associates degree in Primary Education.

Ms. Kimberly chose teaching after being inspired by her own teachers. She loves seeing her students trying hard to reach their potential.

Ms. Zulma Valle

Ms. Zulma is one of our original teachers, and is passionate about helping children. She saw teaching as a great way to support children in a country where many other child services are unavailable.