Meet our Lower Division Teachers

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You’ve heard many stories about our students, but have you met our teachers? These incredible and hard working individuals do the hard work of instilling knowledge and enthusiasm and a love of learning into the 450 or so children at our school.

Here are our Preschool and Infant 1 & 2 teachers.  You can meet our upper division and middle division teachers here.

Thank you Wende Dwyer-Johnsen of All Saints Episcopal Church in Forth Worth, Texas for using your photography skills to take these incredible photos.


Ms. Albina Morales

Ms. Albina Moralez brings a lifetime of teaching experience to Holy Cross, with over 40 years of experience teaching primary school in her hometown of Progresso in Corozal. She is in her second year at Holy Cross and teaches our preschool class.

Ms. Albina chose teaching because she loves to be around children, a passion that has continued to this day. She is a strong believer in a quiet, focused classroom and that every student should do their best at whatever they are doing.

Ms. Albina holds a Teacher’s Diploma.

Ms. Jackelien Vasquez


Ms. Jackelien Vasquez is beginning her first year as a teacher’s assistant in the Preschool. She loves to be around children and loves how the children are always bringing something new to the class and can make her laugh.

Ms. Jackelien is a graduate of Holy Cross and completed High School through our scholarship program. She is completing her final year of Junior College at night school, then she plans study Preschool Education online.

Infant I

Ms. Elsy Wity

Ms. Elsy is originally from Corozal and has taught at Holy Cross since our doors first opened 13 years ago.  Holy Cross was her first teaching job and she has always taught our youngest students in Infant 1 and 2.

Ms. Elsy had always wanted to be a teacher after being inspired by her teachers when she was in primary school.  Although she had two children during her late teenage years at high school, she persisted in her dream, finishing high school, becoming qualified as a Teacher’s Aid and beginning her teaching career.

For Ms. Elsy it’s her passion for education and her love of children that inspires her to continue teaching.  And although her students are young, she says you never know how your actions will touch them.  Recently a young man in his 20’s came by her home saying “Do you remember me?  You used to bring peanut butter and bread to school so I could eat. I’ve never forgotten that.”  He’s now studying to be an electrician.  Another grown student, now a chef, approached her at the park saying “I remember when my socks and shoes were ruined and you game me new socks and shoes. ”

Ms. Elsy volunteers at Hope Haven twice a week,  feeding families of low income. “I have a passion to serve others. When you give to others, God blesses you with a lot more.”

“I have been a single mom for my 4 children and God has opened many doors for me to support and send them through school. One of my daughters is studying Business Law, the other is doing her Bachelor’s in Education. My two sons are in High School and Standard 6. I am very grateful for the blessing my Heavenly Father has granted me, and want to thank those who trusted and believed in me.”

Ms. Elsy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and plans to teach for many years to come.

Ms. Tanya Dominguez

Ms. Tanya is originally from Orange Walk and is beginning her 5th year teaching in the Infant Division at Holy Cross. She holds a Associates Degree in Primary Education and is currently studying part time towards her Bachelors in Primary Education.

Ms. Tanya had originally considered Marine Biology, but after being asked to be an assistant teacher at a school on the mainland she quickly fell in love with the profession. She spent 3 years as a Special Needs and floating teacher on the mainland before coming to Holy Cross.

It’s her love for the children and the love she gets from the children that inspires her to keep teaching. And the children can sense it.  Once she had to cover an older class with a reputation for being rough while their teacher was absent for a long duration. When asked to write about someone who had inspired them, several students wrote about her love and support.

Over the summer, Ms. Tanya continues working with children, helping to run a week long Art Class on the mainland where children from 4 – 13 years have the opportunity to explore their creativity.

Infant 2

Mr. Daniel Flores

Originally from Orange Walk, Mr. Daniel Flores has taught for two years in Belmopan and is teaching for his third year at Holy Cross. He has taught students in middle and infant division and enjoys the different challenges and rewards each level brings.

Mr. Daniel chose Primary Education in his 6th form year at Junior College following his parent’s suggestion. He was originally skeptical, but quickly became interested in the role and his first classroom teaching experiences convinced him he’d made the right choice.

Mr. Daniel loves to see how children learn and has extra patience for the children who are troublemakers, as so often these children can turn around when they know they have an adult who cares about them. He recalls when he taught a student who had performed very poorly for the previous two years, but with encouragement and support scored in the top 10 that year, and continued to improve the following years.

Mr. Daniel currently holds an Associate’s Degree in Primary Education.

Ms. Melissa Blake

Melissa Blake, Teacher at Holy Cross

For Ms. Melissa Blake it was her children that lead her to teaching.  Each day when her children came home from school she would re-teach them their lessons, finding different techniques in the process. She became more involved in their school, helping teachers with posters, helping in classrooms and eventually volunteering full time to see if teaching was a job she wanted to do. Ms. Melissa came to Holy Cross when her Principal recommended her as a temporary replacement while our Preschool Teacher was on maternity leave. She is now in her 5th year at Holy Cross, teaching full time while studying part-time towards both her Certificate in Primary Education and Bachelors in Primary Education.

For Ms. Melissa being able to teach children to learn, think and make changes in their lives is what inspires her. “My life is fortunate because of my mother. I want to give the same opportunities to these children.”  For her, teaching children to think critically about what they’re learning is as important as learning facts and skills.