Meet our Upper Division Teachers

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You’ve heard many stories about our students, but have you met our teachers? These incredible and hard working individuals do the hard work of instilling knowledge and enthusiasm and a love of learning into the 450 or so children at our school.

These are our Upper Division Teachers, who teach the final three years of primary school. You can meet our Infant Division teachers here and our Middle Division teachers here.

Standard 4

Ms. Helen Melendez

Ms. Helen has taught at Holy Cross for 9 years.  She is a long term resident of San Pedro and many years ago her younger sister and niece were among the earliest students to join Holy Cross. She chose teaching as she was looking for a  stable career and was inspired to be a part of the Holy Cross family.

Over the last 4 years Ms. Helen has studied part time and has now completed the requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education. She hopes to continue her education in the future to obtain a Master’s Degree. 

Ms. Helen enjoys meeting new students and molding their minds for the future and making a difference in their lives. She finds teaching most rewarding when she sees her former students doing well in life.  The current preschool assistant and previous Miss San Pedro are both former students of hers. 

Ms. Melina Alvilez

Ms. Melina Alivez is originally from Belize City, where she taught part time for 2 years before joining us at Holy Cross. This is her 3rd year teaching at Holy Cross, and she had taught in both infant and upper division. 

She chose teaching as her former teachers inspired her and showed her how to love children and treat people better.  When she teaches she aims to give each child attention and cater for all the children in her classroom. 

Ms. Melina holds an Associates Degree in Primary Education and in planning to start studying towards her Bachelor’s Degree in the new school year. 

Standard 5

Ms. Delvi Flores

Ms. Delvi Flores is in her 8th year teaching at Holy Cross and has taught at all levels from Infant 2 to High School. Originally from Orange Walk, Ms. Delvi says that her teaching career began when “Teaching found me.” She had just graduated from Junior College with an Associate’s Degree in Sociology when she heard that a teaching job was available at her old high school. Ms. Delvi applied and was accepted. She went from being a student in May to a teacher in August.

Ms. Delvi has an instinctive grasp of teaching and loves to see the children grasp and apply new knowledge. She particularly enjoys teaching in the upper division as it’s a crucial age for students and she can help mold them into the adults they will become.

Ms. Delvi says her best time teaching was when she had the same students two years in a row. “I really learned a lot a as person and as a teacher. I watched them grow and I grew with them as I learned new strategies to cope with their changes.”

Over the last 4 years Ms. Delvi has upgraded her qualifications through online college and now holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.

In her spare time Ms. Delvi enjoys writing poetry and hopes one day to publish her work. She reads poetry twice a week for a radio show in her home town and two of her pieces have been performed by Holy Cross students at various events.

Standard 6

Mr. Ayoni Esquiliano

Mr. Ayoni has taught for 6 years at Holy Cross School at all levels from Infant Division to Upper Division, and was our acting Vice Principal for 3 months. 

Mr. Ayoni has always wanted to make a positive change in his community and chose teaching as he was inspired by his own teachers.  He chose to teach in the Anglican School system, as felt they gave him so much during his own schooling.

As a teacher, Mr. Ayoni sees himself as a facilitator. When he steps in front of the students he forgets his own problems, instead connecting with the students and giving them everything he can to give them what they need to learn.

Mr. Ayoni is originally from Orange Walk and holds an Associate’s Degree in Primary Education.