Missing Our Traditional Belizean Christmas

By January 26, 2021 February 12th, 2021 No Comments

Everyone has that one special moment that makes Christmas magical. Small activities that we took for granted in previous years were definitely missed in 2020. A Belizean Christmas always meant we were able to see our family, catch up and share moments together. Strict regulations were set which included a curfew and a prohibition on gatherings with people outside the household that impacted the way we celebrated our Holidays.

Coming together as a family to celebrate always brings the biggest of joys. Every year we gather in our grandparent’s kitchen to make tamales. Making tamales is a lot of work and takes a couple of hours so everyone gets their task to help the process. We start by gathering banana leaves, cutting firewood, preparing the meat and making masa. Then we wrap the ingredients together in the leaves to cook on the open fire making them a flavorful dish. We make enough to share with our families in other households. Cooking together doesn’t only allow us to spend more time together but also learn to make a traditional dish that everyone enjoys.

Even though this year’s holidays were not the same we continue to keep everyone in our hearts and are thankful that we can use technology to lessen the miles that keeps us apart. We now start the year by looking forward to more carefree times in which our students can come back with their brightest smiles and our Holy Cross family can visit us once again.