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My goal for this year

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Standard 6 students recently wrote an essay for their goals this coming year. They were good and as soon as I saw them I wanted to share them with you.  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

Note that some of the content was generated as a group writing exercise, while some was developed individually, so there is some similarity in the essays.

For reference the P.S.E (Primary School Exams) are a series of standardized tests that every Standard 6 (8th Grade) student takes near the end of the school year. These are the most important tests in Primary School. B.J.A.T is a similar standardized test in Standard 3 (5th Grade).

Thank you to Eastern Shore Chapel in Virginia Beach for the beautiful mural in the background.


Karla writes: My compelling goal for this complicated Standard VI year is to excel and make my amazing parents super proud. To achieve this powerful goal I will put my playing aside and set the example; I will be dedicated, hard working and responsible in any little step I make so I can do excellently in the P.S.E. Not only that but in anything I do.

I believe I can accomplish this brilliant goal because I have self confidence and the help of gorgeous teachers who encourage me daily.

I will also try to graduate with magnificent honors. I will work hard as possible to impress my amazing parents and my teachers and also those mischievous people who didn’t believe in me.

My goals are the most marvelous dream I have, and I will accomplish it with the extraordinary help of my teachers and also with the help of my fantastic parents. I will keep my head focused until I reach to the end of this straight path that I will never let bend.

My favorite phrase of all is “Sovereign and strong; together as one”. With the help of this phrase I will fulfill my glorious goal.


Givelie writes: My aspiration for this year is to be the valedictorian of the graduating class of 2016/2017. I know that this goal is very challenging, since I have competition in my class. Nevertheless I know I have to try my best to accomplish it.

My brother has told me that if I want to achieve this goal I have to desire it with all my heart. I have to go through many steps in this lasting journey. I have to be strong and always be positive even though I may have difficulties through this journey. My brother has always encouraged me by using his favorite phrase that states “Be strong and confident because your time to shine will come.”

I want to make a difference at Holy Cross by attaining the highest grade possible in P.S.E. I want to prove to every single student how to reach the goal you desire.

Smiling during times of difficulties makes everything easier and bearable. Everything is possible if you have self-confidence. I will have to be dedicated, hard-working and responsible in order to reach this goal I aspire to.


Eliu writes: My powerful goal for Standard VI is to excel and make my amazing parents proud. To achieve this goal I will put my playing aside and be dedicated, hardworking and responsible, so that I will do great in the P.S.E. I believe I can do this because I believe in myself and the teachers who encourage us daily.

Everyone in my class wants to graduate with great honors. Graduating with great honors is a life time opportunity. Making my parents proud would be like filling the whole wide world with joy. My parents would really love me to graduate and that will make them crazy proud. Of all the goals in my life this is the one I want to accomplish.

The only thing I want to avoid is failing a class.

All of these things make me try harder to succeed. Passing all the classes will make me succeed in life.


Gizel writes: My powerful goal for Standard VI is to excel and make my amazing parents proud. To achieve this goal I will put my playing aside and be dedicated, hardworking and responsible so that I do wonderfully in the P.S.E. I believe I can do this because I have self confidence and with the teachers who encourage us daily I am sure to graduate.

At first I thought that I had already completed my goal by passing B.J.A.T. I was not aware that there was going to be a part two to my goal. So now I must modify my goal and now my new goal is to pass P.S.E. and graduate with honors.

If this happens or not I would like to thank my parents for making me have an education. I want them to know that I won’t give up – I’ll keep trying because I have knowledge, strength, patience and hope.

So I wish myself good luck and good luck to my friends.