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Noah’s Ark Models

By November 8, 2016 November 13th, 2016 No Comments

2016-nov-std2-noahs-ark-2Each year students from Standards 2 and 3 build models. Sometimes it’s Mayan Temples, but this year it was Noah’s Ark. I popped in on Ms Crystal Flowers’ Standard 2 class and marveled at the wide range of sizes, construction materials and methods the students had used to bring the biblical ark to life.

Well done Standard 2.

2016-nov-std2-noahs-ark-1 2016-nov-std2-noahs-ark-4 2016-nov-std2-noahs-ark-5 2016-nov-std2-noahs-ark-7 2016-nov-std2-noahs-ark-8 2016-nov-std2-noahs-ark-13 2016-nov-std2-noahs-ark-14