Preschool Activities

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For our preschool students, March is all about new and fun activities. All around the country, every preschool has a “stimulation month” to give their students a wide variety of different learning experiences.

From Birth to Eight, Children Must Play

This year, the theme was “From Birth to Eight, Children Must Play”, emphasizing that the most important way for children to learn is through play.  The month also included an expo to for the teacher’s share and learn different ways to teach, learning stations to make and to share ideas.

Preschool Parade

The month opened with a colorful parade, where each preschool outdid themselves to present one of the themes taught through the year. Holy Cross students were all dressed as numbers. Other schools came dressed as the alphabet, the weather, shapes, community workers, animals and the national symbols of Belize.

Preschool Parade

The next day our students enjoyed some of the parents coming in to read stories. Another day included arts and crafts. Then the week closed with Hug Day – with plenty of hugs given and received.

Preschool Hug Day

Festival of Arts

The following week included another big event – a Festival of Expressive Arts. Here each of the preschools put on a dance or skit. Holy Cross put on two pieces – a fun song full of animal sounds and a poem.

The week continued with a cultural day, a presentation on drug safety and a sports day at Boca Del Rio park.

The final week took the teacher’s and students out of the classrooms. This included a visit to the dentist, as well as visits to the police station and fire station.

Thank you to our preschool teacher Albina Moralez and Assistant Teacher Shan Soriano for all your hard work putting together these fun activities. Thank you also to the many parents who helped make it all possible.