Preschool Graduation

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Of all the graduations this time of year, preschool graduation is certainly a highlight. Not only are the graduates adorably cute in their graduation gowns, but the whole family dresses up and treats the graduation as an excuse to celebrate. So It’s a wonderful opportunity for people watching, too.

Before graduation is the best time for photos, as under the gowns the boys and girls are dressed to impress – stunning white dresses for the girls and best black pants, white shirts and ties for the boys.

Once graduation started, the parents took getting the perfect photo very seriously, especially for the parade of graduates and a photo of their children on the stage.

This is was what is was like as the graduates marched up the aisle.

The competition to get a photo of the stage as the graduates took their seat was fierce.


Graduation then proceeded with the usual speeches. Their teacher, Ms. Melissa Blake thanked the parents for lending her their children, and that she was giving them back with reluctance. Ms. Elsy Wity, Infant I teacher, reminded us of the wonderful quote by Stacia Taucher “We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today”

Then it was time for certificates.

Thank you all who worked hard to make this evening possible.