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Progress on the House of Grace

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The House of Grace is looking good! Hard work over the summer by various hard working mission teams helped us complete the siding roof and start work on the interior insulation and wall finishings

Since then, Mr Freddie and his new assistant Mr. Enqique have worked hard, adding doors, windows and many other small jobs. Mr. Enqique is a parent of our school who has helped in many ways. He currently has 4 daughters attending Holy Cross!



We’re excited to show you the progress on the House of Grace!

Preparations for building began a few weeks before Easter, 2019 with truck loads of fill being added to the site. The House of Grace will be located on the East side of the school, near our palapa and our upper division classrooms, offering excellent views over the lagoon towards Mara Laguna (formerly Reef Village).

Mr. Freddy, our school maintenance and construction manager, along with a crew of local builders sunk the foundation posts. We were now ready for our first construction team to get to work!  Volunteers from St Michael’s Episcopal Church in Raleigh, North Carolina did a huge amount of work over the first week of the Easter Holidays, adding the floor and walls.

Once the floor was in place, it was time for the walls. These were assembled on the floor and raised as a whole piece. It was wonderful to have our palapa as a shaded prep and cutting space in the hot weather!

What incredible progress in a week! During the second week, 2 members of the St Michael’s team stayed on to continue building alongside our own Mr. Freddy and few local day laborers. One of these team members was Jonathan Stafford of Stafford Construction, to whom we are incredibly grateful for his expertise and generous donation of time, tools, talent and energy.  The other team member to stay was John McHenry, who has lead many teams and is the man who helped with our solar project.

An incredible amount of work over the second week saw the walls get finished, the roof go up and the front and side decking added.

Mr. Jonathan Stafford and Mr. Freddy. Mr. John McHenry is pictured below.

After the team left work continued for several weeks as Mr. Freddy and his local laborer’s put in a beautiful hardwood floor. This was painstaking and fiddly work, but the results were worth it!

In mid June, an experienced team from All Saints Episcopal Church in Fort Worth, Texas returned to help on the house – and many other projects. First they wrapped the house, and roofed the back side.

Next it was time for siding – and doesn’t the wood look beautiful!

Worked continued the following week with a large and energetic youth team from Christ Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition to assisting with other projects all over the school, the team was able to continue adding siding around most of the House of Grace!

SUMMER UPDATE: Our previous update (scroll down) showed how All Saints Episcopal in Fort Worth had wrapped the House of Grace, finished half the roof and added some beautiful wooden siding. This was followed up by a youth team from Christ Church Raleigh NC, who continued the siding.

The next team was a very hard working Canadian team from St. Simon’s Anglican Church, who did a wonderful job finishing the highest parts of the siding – a tricky job requiring accurate measuring.

A few team members also started exceptionally early one morning to finish off the roofing before the heat of the day set in. This was a relief, as it’s officially wet season (even if it has been unusually dry this year).

Next, we were joined by an enthusiastic youth group from St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in El Dorado, Arkansas. While most of their effort focused on other projects around the school, they were able to make a start on the interior insulation – absolutely essential to keep the heat OUT!

Our final team for the summer was a very capable team from St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. They spent much of their time focused on the House of Grace and were able to build stairs, line much of the interior in sheet rock and finish most of the railing. The house is starting to look nearly complete!

Last but not least we need to mention Mr. Freddy, and his faithful assistant Mr. Daniel Jones, Sr (the father of Std 6 teacher Daniel Jones).  For weeks on end these two hard workers have worked alongside teams as well as by themselves, making this project happen. We are so grateful for your hard work!