Rebuilding after Hurricane Earl

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It’s November 2016, three months since Hurricane Earl hit Belize, and while the images of destruction spread quickly, so too have the people of San Pedro worked quickly to clean up the beaches and begin rebuilding.

I thought it was time to get the camera out and share some of the progress. Please join me on a walk down the beach as I share pictures taken in late October and early November.


The beach still looks amazing.


There’s an interesting mix of old and new.


A new dock goes up in front of the Sand Bar, while the Palapa Bar is rapidly taking shape in the background.


The same location a few days later.


A new sea wall now protects the Blue Tang Inn.


Builders are tearing this old building down and new multistory building will go up in it’s place.


This house in San Mateo was in a pile of pieces when I last saw it a few months back.


Hurricane Earl destroyed more than 50 homes in San Mateo. Volunteers from Raise Me Up worked hard to rebuild them.