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Reflecting on 10 years at Holy Cross

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Our first trip to Holy Cross School was in April 2007. At that time, five tiny classrooms housed approximately 130 students (up from 64 the previous fall) and Ms. Rosalia was carting lunch to the children in a wheelbarrow from the hammock house across the street.

In the years since, each time we made our annual visit we were amazed at the growth in the number of students and also in the number and size of physical structures (large on-site kitchen, cafeteria, computer lab, composting toilets, dental lab, office space and a library in addition to 18 classrooms!).

This summer the entire campus was wired for WIFI, thanks to the good work of volunteers. Several generous donors have provided Chromebook computers that can be checked out of the lab and utilized in the classroom, giving our students access to the world beyond San Pedro.

This school built over the lagoon near San Mateo has impacted the lives of many, not only the students who are receiving their education, but the 10-15 staff families and our teachers. Each of these both giving and receiving from their Holy Cross employment. And the volunteers, no one leaves unchanged by their experience here.

Since 2014 we have spent between 12 and 21 weeks in San Pedro each year, with most of that centered around Holy Cross. We have been blessed to work with many of the volunteer teams who come to share the love of Christ, clean, teach, build, paint, and inspire, with dentists who clean and repair teeth and doctors who attend to the health of the students. Many of you who are reading this now. Thank you!

 We have worked closely with Mr. Freddy, Ms. Linda, Ms. Rosalia and the kitchen ladies, with Ms. Grace, Ms. Tasher and now Mr. Griffith. This is a team of very talented people who plan, guide and execute the day to day successes of Holy Cross. We have been blessed to know the members of the Holy Cross Education Foundation Board who give of their own talents and treasure to ensure the operations of the School.

As Holy Cross Anglican School begins its second decade, we invite you to help continue this important mission. Please send your gift today. All of our students are counting on your support.


Richard and Cindy Shaffer
Grace Episcopal Church, Defiance, Ohio