Reflections from Principal Olivia Tasher

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Vice Principal Lizette James (left) with Principal Olivia Tasher (right).

Reflections from Principal Olivia Tasher…

My first year as principal passed by very quickly! It was challenging but many wonderful things happened during that time at Holy Cross School. As I reflect back on the year, I am compelled to consider what it means to be educated.

Let’s first break down the word “education”. It’s not just going to school or reading books. It is a way of life that teaches time management, patience, how to dwell with others and most importantly, ethics.

Access to a good education is one of the most valuable rights that is deserving to each and every child. This quote that I came across one day in an education article helps reinforce the importance of schooling. “Education is the strongest weapon we can give to any child”. Here at Holy Cross Anglican School, we strive to do just that.

Your gifts to the Holy Cross Education Foundation help to cover the full cost of the overhead in the running of our school. This includes daily maintenance and operation, like electricity and water, teaching supplies and even food expenses. It has always been the struggle to keep the lunch program going where students are given a hot healthy meal. For some, this may be the only meal that they will be receiving for the day.

In some cases, even the small fee that is requested cannot be met by parents who are struggling to cope with the high cost of rearing children on an island where accommodations cater primarily to tourists.

Over the years, we have created the type of environment at Holy Cross where our students will acquire skills and attitudes necessary to be productive and responsible citizens of the future.

We are so grateful to the many donors and volunteers who have contributed to our school in cash or kind and are still presently directly involved in giving our students the chance at a brighter future.

Thank you for your part in allowing us to make this happen. I am happy to share a couple of our success stories along with this letter.

Please know that we couldn’t do this work without your generosity of time, talent and money.

Olivia  Tasher