Resuming Face-to-Face Classes

By May 13, 2021 June 14th, 2021 No Comments

After one year and two months of silence in our school, on Monday May 10th some of the noise and sounds returned. This change comes after months of planning, new protocols and having a decrease in Covid cases along with vaccinations being administered. Learning in the middle of a pandemic has been an ongoing challenge in many of our students lives since most do not have access to internet or devices to communicate with the teachers.

The face-to-face return is an initial stage towards a full reopening of schools in Belize. With the returning of students to the school, some changes were made. This includes the number of children in a classroom which was solved with a shift system in order to provide proper spacing. Since the amount of time students will be spending in the classroom is less, they will still be attending online classes.

Classes are now filled with excited faces and smiles even if the masks don’t allow us to see them. The teachers and staff hope to teach students the new protocols which are now a part of our daily lives in order to take a step forward to a safer and effective learning environment.

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