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So Much More Than Futbol

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Using Futbol (soccer) as a fun starting point, the More Than Futbol team teach the importance of values like discipline and teamwork to help young Belizeans become better people – and better players!

Encouraging each student to be their best is the heart of everything the More than Futbol team does. Lead by Coach Ali Andrzejewski of Champions Soccer Training in Baltimore, MD, the team has found many ways to help and encourage our students during their annual futbol camp in January.

This year the camp ran for 4 weeks, with different coaches assisting Coach Ali each week.

After school Futbol camp

Without a doubt, the kids LOVE the chance to play futbol after school each day. Each day they learn new technical skills, then practice leadership and teamwork as they play in small teams against each other.

This year the students earned points, which they redeemed for much anticipated prizes including balls and cleats. Students earned points for attendance, helpfulness, teamwork and good grades and behavior in class.

Tutoring & Leadership

In the mornings, coaches helped tutor students who were part of the camp. This included teaching the practical skills of reading; as well as some sadly necessary skills, like how to learn spelling words by yourself when no-one is available to helpfutbol you with homework. It was also a great opportunity for the coaches to demonstrate they valued school work as much a ball skills.

The coaches also extended on the empowerment classes of previous years to teach a leadership class, showing the students they each person as both leadership qualities and following qualities. I’m a better leader when I use the skills of others. Just like I can use my skills to help others lead.

But don’t forget to keep an eye on who you’re following and where they’re leading you – it’s easy to follow the wrong people to bad places!

Hour of Code

Each visiting coach brought with them different skills, and different opportunities. Learning to code using an Hour of Code was a highlight. Six classes of students each had the chance to try coding in a simple way by writing and making simple changes to popular computer games like flappy bird and Minecraft. They learned so much seeing how putting code in different places changed the game, as well as figuring out how to solve challenges. Some of our students showed some real potential!

You can help!

If you’re interested in being part of a future camp, get in touch with Coach Ali through her website at MoreThanFutbol.org or via their Facebook Page.
You can read about previous camps here and here.