Mission Teams

St Luke’s give of their talents

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Mission teams from St Luke’s Episcopal and other churches in North Carolina continue to humbly show how their everyday abilities can make a big impact.

Peggy has fun dancing with the preschoolers

St Luke’s is one of those wonderful teams that have found their own niche at Holy Cross, with different members finding their place to serve. They have a math tutor, who patiently teaches students who struggle with numbers; while another member volunteers as a teaching assistant in the infant division. They have a faithful doctor and his assistants who assist staff and visit in the local community. And each year, new members also join in.

This year two of the team members took up the challenge of gathering donations.If you’ve every seen our wish list, its no secret that we’re always in need of supplies.

Peggy, the music teacher at Pleasant Union Elementary School, inspired students to gather 6 suitcases of essential craft and writing supplies. Our teachers were incredibly grateful to receive them.

A second team member, Wende of Trinity Episcopal Church in Mt Airy, also helped to gather a large number of supplies, helping to fill our supply cupboards. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Staff members Viviana, Estrella (Star) and Linda gratefully receive donated supplies.

Three visiting clergy helped with school chapel and ran a small service for staff – a rare treat as there’s no Anglican Church on the Island. They also assisted with classes, and continued a project spanning many years – measuring the heights and weights of all the students. The students were fascinated by the process, eager to learn their heights and weights and see how they were recorded.

Miriam leads chapel

While the team contributed in many, many different ways, three stood out in particular as being new, fun or moving.

For a long time, members of the St Luke’s team have supported Ariani – a student at Holy Cross. First through tutoring, then with a high school scholarship, and now through junior college as the first step to medical school. The team arranged for her to have a week’s practical experience alongside the team doctor. It was incredible to see her confidently serving in her own community, asking many, many questions and learning so much from this hands on opportunity.

Ariani helping with a well child check in a local home

Second, our upper division students jumped at the chance to do an after school drumming class. They had already been practicing with pencils and chopsticks, so having actual drumsticks to play with was a delight and they loved the chance to show off their skills. Even the girls were interested to learn.

Feeling the beat

Finally, Three church members tried a different type of mission – donating a weekend of their time to make a resources specifically for our teachers. Anna, Aaron and Ashley made these beautiful fraction sets – perfect for little hands to manipulate. They then sent them along with the team to deliver.

Once again we’d like to thank everyone at St Luke’s for your faithful help over the years. You are making a wonderful difference in the lives of many here in Belize.