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St Michael’s Mission Trip 2016

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TeamSt Michael’s Episcopal Church from Raleigh, North Carolina have just completed a very successful mission trip to Holy Cross that I’m eager to share. As experienced missioners – this is their 10th visit to Holy Cross – they are very effective at making a big impact in a short time.

This year they worked on six projects.

Easter Vacation Bible School

The highlight for many is the Easter Vacation Bible School run by the mission team. Team leader John McHenry and his son Chris led fun songs, then the rest of the team take the children for games, stories, craft and snack. Each day up to thirty five children showed up and had a wonderful time.

VBS (2) VBS (3) VBS (4) VBS (5)

On the last afternoon a smaller VBS was held for a special student, Katerina, who was badly burned last Easter. St Michael’s remembered having her at VBS last year, just a few weeks before she was burned, and they were so happy to see her again.

Katarina (1)


One of our key projects this year is to install a ceiling in Resurrection Hall, where all the youngest classrooms are. This will make the hall cooler and quieter. The St Michael’s team worked together to paint ceiling panels, install stringers and mount the ceiling. It was tricky work, but the team did a great job.

Ceiling Infant Division Ceiling Infant Division (1) Ceiling Infant Division (2)

Electrical Upgrade

Electricians on the team helped upgrade the wiring in key parts of the school, ensuring the wiring kept up with the growth of the school.


Sewing Center

Several of the team members spend a lot of time in the sewing center, introducing the sewing ladies to some new tools and patterns. She also identified many items that are needed. See the wishlist here.


Medical Clinic

One volunteer spent a day at the polyclinic, talking with patients about good nutrition. This was important, as diabetes is a serious issue throughout the country.

Wireless Upgrade

Building on the work of a previous team, a volunteer helped to extend the wireless capability at the school, meaning more people can log on throughout the school.


Thank you once again to everyone who made this trip possible. Your service is truly a blessing to us.