Mission Teams

St Michael’s on a Mission

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Every Spring Break, a team from St Michael’s Episcopal Church in Raleigh, North Carolina comes to serve at Holy Cross School. And every year their visit is much anticipated. The students have a wonderful time at Vacation Bible School; our maintenance man Mr. Freddy knows he’ll have the help he needs with building and maintenance; and our office staff and teachers truly appreciate the supplies they bring from our wishlist.

This year’s visit was a special one.

Vacation Bible School

A highlight of the annual visit is always the Easter Vacation Bible School. For the students its much more than fun – it’s a place where they feel loved, appreciated and safe. And yes – it’s a lot of fun, too! The four days leading up to the Holy days of Easter involve the simple activities including coloring, crafts, singing, storytelling and games.

This year, VBS leader Paige noted that the students were coming together more than any year before. Older students were returning, naturally becoming junior leaders. Leader Paige also noted that the students were becoming more caring and helpful towards each other. “I feel like we were making a difference because kids come back time and again and they are excited to be there with us. From year to year I’ve seen their behavior improve and their willingness to participate and help others is much greater. I feel like we are showing these kids that they are important and they are truly feeling it.”

Building the House of Grace

The other major project for the week was to help with building the House of Grace – a small home where visiting clergy – and eventually full time local clergy – can stay and help in the school and community to build a stronger Anglican  faith presence in San Pedro. The team made incredible progress, taking the project from a few foundation posts in the ground to a building with floor, walls and most of the plywood roof-decking in place!

You can follow more of the progress on the House of Grace here.

Many other projects

In the midst of the main projects, there were numerous other smaller projects taking place.

  • Installed wall fans in 10 classrooms – these were donated by the Rotary Club and are wonderful for keeping the children cool in our hot climate.
  • Assisted in the library, sorting and shelving books
  • Conducting an energy audit and identifying ways to reduce electricity consumption
  • Fundraising – prior to the Mission trip, Members of St Michael’s raised substantial funds towards the House of Grace building project . Thank you Rev. Robert Fruehwirth for your 10 mile sponsored run!
  • Donating tools and wishlist items

Discovering the importance of talking to people on planes

On any mission trip there are always wonderful and unexpected moments of connection and blessing – it’s one of the truly delightful parts of a mission trip. On this trip, one of those many moments occurred when mission member Meg chose to be chatty and friendly when the lady next to her on the plane said hello. This passenger was a teacher, travelling to Belize with a group of teaching friends and they were very excited to hear about a school in Belize they could visit. They toured our school and were exited to help by gathering supplies and sponsoring 2 students! All from taking the time to make a friend!

Thank you all once again for your generosity and dedication to Holy Cross