Std 6 graduation – meet our top students

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It’s graduation time again, where we celebrate the success of our hard working students. This year we are proud to graduate 45 students from Holy Cross.  It was a great afternoon, with the graduates impeccably dressed and looking every bit the adults they are becoming.

Meet our top students

Each year the Holy Cross Education Foundation awards a handful of scholarships to the top performers in the graduating class. These student have demonstrated the aptitude and determination to be successful in high school. If you are interested in helping to underwrite this scholarship effort, email them at

Reading through the scholarship applications it is humbling to hear students tell of their hard working parents. Their parents believe in the importance of education and have done everything they can to get their kids this far. Some have a single parent working construction or helping in a resort, sweeping streets or making whatever money where they can, and the extra financial help of a scholarship makes all the difference.

Luis C is very reserved but friendly once you get to know him. He is dedicated to his work and we know we will make the best of this opportunity. Luis has worked very hard in his studies, knowing that he would need a scholarship to have any chance at attending high school. He looks forward to the better opportunities that a high school education will provide.

Luis M is a mature individual who understands that in order to achieve his goals he must learn to adjust himself to his circumstances. He is grateful to his mom and step dad and he knows it is important for him to be hardworking in order to be successful.

Suseli is hard working and sensitive. Once she sets her mind she can achieve anything she wants. She has been a top student since Infant 1 and plans to continue getting top grades throughout high school.

Amtzi is natural leader. He can take the worst situations and turn them into a favorable situation. Amtzi plans to become a mechanical engineer.


Fernie is a hard working, responsible and reliable student who plans to study hard at high school so that he can have many opportunities and be an active member of his community. He is proof that dedication pays off.

Kaidran is dedicated, hardworking and always on task. He is grateful for a scholarship, which has made his hope of studying hard to find a good job possible.

Kristal is an intelligent young lady. She is hard working and caring towards her fellow students. Her goal in primary school was to score among the top students, and her hard work and dedication has set her up well for high school.