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Student Empowerment

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In addition to running a school futbol (soccer) league, Coach Abby Paris and some additional volunteers also ran an Empowerment Program in the classrooms for our older students.

Building on More Than Futbol’s goals of promoting positive life skills and values, the empowerment program teaches students positive ways to deal with everyday situations.

The students were asked to identify many positive qualities then worked together in small groups to act out those qualities while other students guessed the quality.

They would also do skits, showing good and not so good ways of dealing with everyday situations such as choosing between right and wrong, or responding to bullying.

For homework, students were asked to choose a trait to work on over the weekend then report back. The students loved the assignment and were excited to share their experiences. This included one student who chose to develop her patience by helping her brother with his homework, and another student who made an extra effort to bring a smile to her mother’s face.

Coach Abby says the experience was a special one. She sees that the children want to be good and do better and really respond to having the tools to do so.

The Empowerment Program will continue as part of More Than Futbol’s annual Belize Trip. If you’re interested in finding out more, check out their website here or contact Coach Ali at