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Student Poetry – The Fringe of the Sea

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I dropped in on Miss Delvi’s Standard 4 (6th Grade) class and as soon as I learned they were doing poetry I was excited to read them. The title is The Fringe of The Sea – and here are some of my favorites.

Poets (3)

Poem 1 – by Carlos and Angel

We like to wake early to smell the nice breeze and the waves are very noisy.

We like to rise up early to see the beautiful blue water and walk down the water to find shells.

To hear it swaying near to us with green and blue water, and endless boats weave patterns and sets a mood.

We want to take some breeze and the sky sunshine up in the sky and walk bare foot all in the water.

Poets (4)

Poem 2 – Ryan & Nathalie

At the fringe of the sea I can hear the waves crashing into the reef.

I can see men fishing with their boats and nets.

At the fringe of the sea you can see the sun rising up in the sky.

It is perfect for you to get a tan at the fringe of the sea.

At the fringe of the sea you see the palms swinging from side to side.

Poets (1)

Poem 3 – Shayantycia

Happiness is walking by the sea, hailing the people who live along the sea. Happy or sad, we move along the sandy shore, passing peacefully in the shallows, past the fishermen on the beach. I see them bringing in their boats full of gleaming fish. The sound of the sea shore is in my ears. I see the wind making the waves go in and out.

Poets (2)

Poem 4 – by Paulene and Victoria

People come into shore as the violet and flaring red sun rises the people who catch the fish, the fishermen that are upon the calm still sea go looking for some fish to sell.

So that some people get inspired and so that one and all has a fish feast to share among all.

By the fringe of the sea as the sun dies down and as beautiful flaring light appear again.

So the fringe of the sea is waiting as its flaring golden sun shine and spreads for another day. The fringe of the sea will forever be.