Students are back

By September 4, 2018 September 11th, 2019 No Comments

After a long, summer our students are back for their first day of school. It’s great to have the classrooms full of sound, energy and learning once again.

In most ways, our first day back the same as everywhere else – our students looking fine in their new uniforms as their parents wait with them to ensure they settle into their new classes ok. But we also have our own unique differences!

Seasonally high tides and pre-dawn rain added an extra challenge for students walking through San Mateo. Thankfully local residents quickly threw together impromptu bridges.

The walk and ride to school for students along the beach is a beautiful way to start the day.

Bringing in desks on the first day is also a challenge. Desks are not funded as part of the education system, so new students have to bring their own. Students from previous years take their desks home each summer and bring them back for the new year. So many parents walk, drive and even cycle with their desks on the first day.

Speaking of cycling, it was great to see the new bicycle racks in action. All Saints Episcopal Church made these for us over the summer.

After the first rush through the gate, parents and teachers quickly got their students settled into the classrooms and lessons began.

Our faithful cooks once again prepared lunch for the hundreds of students and dozens of staff.

The computer lab looks great. This morning it was full of the government text books, just waiting to be distributed to the students. We also have a beautiful new artwork donated by the bank.

A great first day, and we look forward to the school year to come.