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Summer construction teams get a lot done

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Volunteers play a big part in the life of Holy Cross School, and never is that more apparent than over the summer, when volunteers come to help with summer camp and the many, many jobs needed to get the school ready for the coming year.

This year, we were especially blessed to have seven different church groups come to lend a hand during June, July and August and we’re excited to share the progress that they made.

In June, a youth team from Christ Episcopal Church in Raleigh, North Carolina did an incredible amount of work in our playground. They increased the size of the playground, repaired and replaced fencing around the playground, installed new swings, laid a concrete floor and gave the playground a fresh coat of fun and colorful paint.

Later in June, Eastern Shore Chapel in Virginia Beach started a long anticipated project – insulating the ceiling in our cafeteria. This was done by hanging panels just below the zinc roof, significantly reducing the heat radiating down from the hot roof and making the cafeteria a more comfortable place for the students. They also began the task of repainting the classrooms and rehung the school sign that was destroyed last year by Hurricane Earl.

St Mary’s Episcopal Church in El Dorado, Arkansas also came in late June and offered us invaluable help by preparing many, many educational resources that will be used by our ongoing literacy program  and in preparation for the following weeks’ literacy and math summer camp. They also helped us continue the ever important painting.

In Early July, St Simon’s Anglican Church in Oakville, Ontario continued the insulation in the cafeteria and extended it into our infant division classrooms, managing to finish both projects and make the whole area much cooler for our students. They also took on the task of painting classrooms and, along with other teams, helped out at the summer camp.

The same week, All Souls Episcopal Church in San Diego, California made their first trip to Holy Cross and also did a wonderful job helping with our summer camp and painting the school.

The following week, St John’s Episcopal Church in Lynchburg, Virginia returned to help with the summer camp and continue with the painting. They also did a wonderful job of replacing old shutters on the classrooms with new, much stronger shutters that will better withstand the ravages of our tropical climate.

St John’s also helped spread our playground with sand that was donated by the San Pedro Town Council – how wonderful!

Finally, St Thomas Episcopal Church in Tauton, MA, came to help in the second week of August – just in time to prepare for Tropical Storm Franklin which seemed to be heading straight towards us. Fortunately the storm headed north and the team could continue with the work of painting the last classrooms, replacing boards in the decks, rails and floors and doing the final touches on the repairs to the playground by welding the metal where we had done rust repairs on our original swing set.

We are also grateful to individual volunteers from Projects Abroad, who took time to beautify the literacy room and help in the playground. And to Abby Paris, who spent five weeks running a soccer camp[link] for the children of San Mateo.

Thank you to all who helped.

If you’re inspired to help, PLEASE get in touch with us at If you know others who like to help, please share this with them.