We need volunteers!

Holy Cross Anglican School has a long and rich history of welcoming teams and individuals looking for a place to volunteer. Indeed, everything at the school – from the floorboards to the roofing zinc – has been built and maintained by volunteers. We literally could not do what we do for our community without the ongoing support of volunteers.

As San Pedro is a beautiful, safe, English speaking destination, it is an ideal location for first time mission teams. This includes youth teams, adult teams, college teams or groups of friends. Where possible, we strive to build strong, ongoing relationships with churches and colleges.

If you don’t have much time but still want to help, consider packing with a purpose and bring a suitcase with items from our wish list.

Who are our volunteer teams?

A team is any group of people willing to work together to help at our school. Most often these teams are from churches, university and high schools, though we also have groups of friends as well as families come to volunteer.

What do teams volunteer teams do?

Well, it all depends a little on age, experience and resources, but here are common team activities.
• General maintenance/construction – Most of our teams undertake maintenance and construction activities. There are always things that need doing at the school – repairing, rebuilding or tackling a major project. Some jobs require experience and skill, while others can be done by anyone who is willing.
• Games, Craft, Sport, Vacation Bible School – At the right time of year, teams can experience the rewards of helping with craft, games, sports and vacation bible school. It is incredibly moving to work with the local children.
• Dental – Licensed dentists are able to volunteer at our dental clinic – the San Pedro Smile Center Too. Contact Dr Mark Johnson at belizeanmark@hotmail.com

Our school blog is full of stories from volunteer teams. You can read how All Saints put together a truly effective mission team, or read here about Why St Luke’s keep coming back. Here’s a great story about the many, many projects that St Michael’s help with. Or for something different, here’s an account of our Literacy summer camp and how a group of friends painted our library.

Mission/volunteer teams needed:

We have openings for teams to help with a variety of projects. These projects include playground improvements, painting, and repairing decking. We also need help with a wide variety of essential maintenance projects, including shutter and furniture repair.
• Winter/Spring Break
• Summer – from late June to early August

Individual volunteers:

•If you have skills with computers, or can service printers and copy machines, we could sure use your help in our computer lab.
•From time to time we can also use skilled handymen to help with various maintenance needs around the school.