Teachers upgrading their qualifications

By July 3, 2017 September 11th, 2019 No Comments

There’s been a lot of change in Belize since we opened our ‘little’ school eleven years ago. And it’s mostly change for the better.

Over the last few years, the Ministry of Education has been steadily increasing the minimum level of qualification to be a teacher. Back in the day, it was enough to just finish high school to become a primary school teacher. Then, over time, two extra years of study to obtain any Associates Degree became the minimum standard. Now, all new and existing teachers must hold a Certificate in Primary Education to teach in Belize.

While this is great news for the country overall, it’s been tough on the many teachers nationwide who have had to upgrade their qualifications. And as always, I’m impressed by how our staff have just taken it in their stride.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate three more of our teachers who have completed this process over the last year. Mr Aaron Thomas, our computer teacher, and Ms Lisa Williams and Mr Cesar Nicholson, who both teach Standard 3. Well done!

All but 3 Holy Cross teachers have now obtained their Certificate of Education, and those three are well on their way to completion. Other teachers are continuing to study for higher qualifications.

We just had to include a photo here of Ms Helen, Standard 4 teacher, who in the last couple of years has been teaching full time, studying towards a Bachelors in Education and had a baby and still has a radiant smile on her face every time we see her.