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The Recycling Challenge is On!

By May 17, 2019 July 1st, 2019 No Comments

The recycling challenge is on! With the grand prize of a pizza party on the line, our students are racing to collect the most recyclable items during the month of May. And the competition is fierce! In the first few days, students collected HUNDREDS of plastic bottles to be recycled, and they show no sign of slowing down. The competition will run until the end of May.

What is the challenge?

Over the last year, many island residents have come together to tackle the growing garbage problem on the island. These efforts have included massive clean-ups along roads and beaches and recycling initiatives.

Dawn, of San Pedro Clean and Green, brought the recycling message to the children of Holy Cross in the form of a competition. Whichever class collects the most recyclable items over the month will win a pizza party. And as pizza is the favorite food of just about every student at Holy Cross, it was a powerful incentive!

Each morning, the teachers collect the recyclable items, making off how many each child collected. These are then separated into plastics and glass and held for collection by San Pedro Recycling.

Items that are being collected for recycling are:

  • Any plastic drinking bottles produced by Crystal – water, coke, fanta, sprite, juce and powerade
  • Any glass bottles or jars

(Above) Volunteers Mike and Deena help sort recyclables while on holiday. Look how much was collected on a single day!

Outcome – who won and how much was collected?

Over the month May an incredible 11,992 pieces of recyclable material were collected!

The first place winners were Ms. Sosa’s standard 5 class, who collected 4,741 pieces of recyclable plastic and glass.

The middle division prize went to Ms. Elliott’s Standard 2 class, who collected 2,754 pieces of recyclable material.

Well done everyone who participated!

What happens with all the recyclables?

The glass is taken by Recycle San Pedro and crushed into a fine sand. The company Belize Interlocking Bricks and Pavers use the crushed glass, along with other materials,  to make a wide variety of bricks, paves, planters and more. They even made a custom hopscotch game for our school! Most fascinating is the interlocking bricks, which look a little like lego pieces and can be pieced together without mortar.

The plastics are all sent to the mainland, where they are sorted, bailed and then sent elsewhere to be fully recycled.

Can I get involved?

It’s easy to get involved!  You can

  • Offer to help sort recyclables – contact the office
  • Do your own recycling – many businesses now have plastic collection bins, and you can drop off recyclables just north of the Bridge by Bermuda Landing and just south of the gas station near Caribbean Villas
  • Help with a beach clean up on the last Friday of the month. See the San Pedro Clean and Green facebook page.