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Upper Division Field Trip

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Last week our students from Standards 4,-6 (Grades 6 – 8) went on a field trip to Belize Zoo and the Western Dairies factory in Spanish Lookout. They raised all the funds themselves, and from all accounts had a fantastic time. The Std 6 students wrote letters to imaginary friends talking about their day, a few of which are below.

I’ll post pictures from the day when I have them, but in the meanwhile the image above is of the Harpy Eagle that the students write about. At 3″ tall it is one of the largest eagles in the world.


Dear Keidy

This week Friday we had an amazing trip. Early that morning at 6:30am we gt on a boat from San Pedro Belize Express which took us to Belize City. After catching a bus we arrived at the famous Belize Zoo.

We we arrived at the Belize Zoo all of us were excited to see many types of birds and animals in Belize. We saw Jaguar, Cougar, Puma, Kin Vulture, turtles. The most interesting was the Harpy Eagle. I like seeing its mohawk and the long black claws and its colorful feathers. After walking around and seeing the animals I felt sorry for some of them because of the small area they had to live in. I just imagine how it might be in the wild.

The next stop was western Diaries. We didn’t get a chance to tour the factory. What we got was a chance to eat the delicious man made food such as pizza, ice-cream and most of all burgers.

By the end of the day I had seen many interesting things such as big mountains and Belizean wildlife. I felt excited and happy. I wish we could go again and you will have the opportunity to come.

Your best friend, Aliyah.


Dear Lester

How are you today? I would like to talk to you about the exciting school trip I had. We had to be at the San Pedro Belize Express at 6:00am on February 22. We left at 6:30am exact. We went to the beautiful Belize Zoo and we went to Spanish Lookout to get a taste of Belize’s best ice-cream.

I enjoyed eating the ice-cream at Spanish lookout and It was delicious!!  and I also liked the zoo because I saw animals that were rare and animals that were close to becoming extinct.

I saw many things on my trip that were exciting and breathtaking like the beautiful and rare animal the harpy eagle and I also saw the pretty spot coated animal the Jaguar.

When it was time to leave and go back home I was tired but at the same time I was satisfied. I love this trip and I know that you would have had fun if you had come along.

Your good friend, Kelsie


Dear Danita,

The upper division classes went on a trip on the 22nd of February 2013. We were to leave at six o’clock but because our teacher took a long time to come so we had to wait so we left around 6:30am. We visited lots of places. We went to the zoo, Spanish Lookout and Western Dairies, which was a lot of fun.

I had a lot of fun at the zoo seeing different kinds of animals like the Tapir, Jaguar, Toucan and the Monkey. My most favorite part of the trip was when we went to Western Dairies and I eat a lot of ice-cream. I ate about 5 cups of ice-cream.

I saw the legendary Harpy Eagle at the zoo. She was so big! She was bigger than one of my class mates. When I went to Spanish Lookout I saw a lot of horses, cows and little Mennonite houses.

After the trip I felt really tired and sleepy. And afterwards I had a stomach ache after too much ice-cream. But beside that I was really happy.

Your friend, Helen.