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Volunteers paint library during their holiday

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When Nancy first visited Ambergris Caye four years ago, she asked the staff at the Blue Tang Inn about places to see on the Island. They suggested Holy Cross, so she stopped by the school for a tour. Who knew what a difference that would make!  Nancy learned about the opportunities to bring donations and even volunteer. She was determined to make a difference the next time she came!

Donating school supplies

Nancy told her friends, her friends told their friends, a notice was put in their church bulletin and the word was out! So when Nancy returned with six of her friends from Ellendale United Methodist Church, they had 15 suitcases, most of which were full of donated shoes, school supplies, several Chromebooks and even a new phone for our office.  “It was incredible” says Nancy, “The children from our church went out to buy supplies. One girl even donated $45 of her own money to buy supplies.”

These donated school supplies will make a big difference to our students and teachers.

Repainting our library

But their help did not stop with just donating school supplies. They wanted to do more. They gave up two days of their vacation, bought paint and repainted about half our library in bright, tropical colors. It looks incredible!


The hard working volunteers are Jody, Terry, Cindy, Nancy, Nikki, Delbert and Patty.

If you volunteer, you can sign your name.

The library before painting began.


The library looks vibrant in its new, tropical color scheme.

Estrella Trochez, our school librarian, is very impressed with the results. “I love it. Now it looks so much brighter in here.”

Estrella, also known as Star. Our school Librarian.


Thank you once again to Nancy and your friends and church members for making such a wonderful difference at our school.

If you’re coming to Belize and would like to do something similar, we’d love to have your help. You can email our Volunteer Coordinator at We keep a list of the school supplies we most need here.