Construction Project

Water to Bless and Build Upon

By June 29, 2021 No Comments
Holy Cross Education Foundation is very grateful to have been selected for a 2020 United Thank Offering(UTO, little blue boxes) grant. Sponsored by the Episcopal diocese of Minnesota the grant will provide a significant portion of the construction cost for a concrete cistern on the Holy Cross Anglican School property.
The project goal is to build a 34,000-gallon rebar-reinforced cistern to provide clean water, reducing the feeding program’s dependence on the unreliable public water system and saving money for other yearly expenses at the school. This project is nearly complete and the concrete cistern is key to expanding blessings for Holy Cross. It should capture enough rainfall to satisfy critical water needs, reducing costs.
In the future the concrete cistern top will provide the foundation for up to six additional classrooms, a multipurpose space to be used as a venue for assemblies and chapel services, community meetings, classrooms, hurricane shelter and the first Anglican church on Ambergris Caye.
Plans are being made for a full-time priest to lead this faith community where every member will be empowered to find their place of ministry, to discover, develop, and use their God-given gifts and talents. As additional funding is secured, worship space will be created for Holy Cross students as well as San Mateo residents hungry for the Good News, celebration of the Eucharist and Anglican worship.
Lack of classroom space for primary school age children remains a problem in San Pedro. The money saved by having our own water source, along with fundraising, will be available to build additional classrooms for students for which there currently is not space on the island. We hope to bless 180 additional students with access to education, bringing the total number of children served at Holy Cross to 625.
Water is a basic necessity of life. The cistern is nearly complete and will provide clean water to support the daily feeding of students at Holy Cross and in times of crisis may be shared with the surrounding community.