We’re back at school

By September 4, 2017 No Comments

After a long, hot summer the school corridors are once again full of life and energy as the students – all 475 of them – returned to school.

This is the one day of the year when most parents come to help their sons and daughters find the right room and meet their teacher for the year. It was nice to see the parents getting their children settled. Then it was time for the learning to begin, followed by delicious lunch in the cafeteria and of course play time.

Enjoy a photo tour of the first day of school below.

Streets clogged with golf carts as parents head into the school with their children.

The queue for the office – for the many parents who didn’t come in over the school holidays to finish registration.

In the infant division parents help their students find the right class.

Meeting the teacher

Son holding his fathers hand while he waits for school to start. He was excited to finally be in Infant 1.

The Lord’s Prayer marks the start of the school day in Standard 3.

Standard 5 students pause their lesson to smile for the camera

Upper division students have morning assembly in the Palapa.

Finally it’s lunchtime! Spaghetti bolognaise is a favorite for many.

Playtime! Students love the new swings built and decorated over the summer.

Creative decorations welcome students to class.